Amazing cave paintings, cooking a roast and passing my TEFL course!

Monday 1st- Sunday 7th May 2017

The start of May marks my last full month in Spain. Crazy.


We returned from the mountains early Monday morning and spent the bank holiday at home After sorting out my washing and cleaning my room, i had a mini sort-out of my wardrobe. With my final departure date looming i am aware that the new clothes i have accumulated since being here are unlikely to fit into my suictases, which were already bursting when i arrived.

I sorted out my car tax, watched back to back episodes of 13 reasons why and chatted Joe.

A Bank holiday well spent if you ask me.


Tuesday was payday, and i was delighted to discover that CAPS had actually paid me on time for once. I have two more payments due, one of which being Octobers wage that they kept as a deposit. Ás soon as that is paid i plan to shut down my Spanish bank account as i dont really want an empty account floating around in my name.

My first lesson of the week was with one of my favourite classes- P5B.

Everyone thinks i´ve got a screw loose because i appear to be the only person who actually likes this class. Admittedly, they are wild animals, but they have cheeky personalities and they make me smile.

We are continuing our work on the Monster Story and the activity involved them recognising the different body parts, sticking them onto the grid and writing the corresponding words.


3C- We have now reached unit 5 in the textbook which relates to health. The monster theme continued as Jenny integrated a fun warm-up into the lesson which involved different students being blind-folded and spun around. Then, armed with chalk, they had to draw the various body parts we called out, onto the monster on the board. I wish i´d taken a picture, the end result was hilarous and the students were in fits of laughter.


Then, to reinforce the new vocabulary, Jenny covered kids in loo roll. Quite literally.

She called kids up to the front and made them repeat the new structures e.g. I´ve got a headache, then she would proceed to wrap that kids head up in loo roll as if it was a bandage. The next kid would come along and say I´ve got stomach ache, and they would have their stomach wrapped in loo roll and so on.

2A-  We drew Red Indians.

For the record, the masterpiece in the middle is mine ;).

P5C- Last thing on a Tuesday we are pushed for time, so a simple task requiring them to draw a monter and copy the speech bubble was all we managed to do.


1A- I have this class twice on a Wednesday now, first for English, then for arts and crafts.

First i had to read the passage of text, then as a class we decided which planet matched which description.

Then for arts and crafts, we coloured and varnished giant pictures of the planets for a giant display that is going to be put up outside the first floor entrance.

We even had a tiny moon and a few astroids.

Wedesnday afternoons bore me to death. There, i said it.

The 5th hour is torture as the behaviour of 3A is shocking, and if that wasnt bad enough, i then have to sit through the exact same lasson straight after in 3B. Ugh. Just like 3C on tuesday, we started the new health topic and did a few exercises out of the book.

We also had some time at the end to finish a nice activity that they had started in arts and crafts in which they had to draw their friend and write a nice sentence about them.

Despite my tedious afternoon, my tip to the cafe brightened my day and i thourougly enjoyed my colourful fruit salad. I also pushed the boat out and treated myself to a mid-day green tea, outrageous, i know..


I also took a picture of lunch on Tuesday, as i want to keep a record of the amazing vegetable soup i had.



My free period first thing was spent planning my trip to Marid.

In less than two weeks i´ll be jetting off to spend a weekend there visiting my best friend who is doing her placement there. My other friend is joining us and flying down from Liverpool so its going to be a cracking weekend.

2A-  In year two, the third and final project has commenced.

The topic of this term is travel and we kicked it off by getting the kids to show where they have been in in the world by sticking a mini picture of their face onto the map below. In general, only a handful had actually been out of Europe, which surpirsed me.


Before lunch i snuck up to the 4th floor and spent the best part of two hours emailing primary schools back home.

As i return on the 24th June, i have a few spare months before going back to university.

So, ive decided to try and organise some work experience for July, before the English schools break up for summer.

I have just 7 weeks to get something sorted so fingers crossed!


Here is another lunch pic because i bloody love lentils.


4D/5B- My favouriteeeee afternoon.

In year 4 we made pumpkin masks using neon card, it was like halloween all over again.

Then  year 5 continued working on their cave drawings, which i have to say, are incredible! There is no way i could draw that well now, let alone when i was 11!

On Thursday, me and fiona spent a few hours playing. We had a game of Ludo (which she thrashed me at), and then after we made a pretty flower out of red and black card.



I was probaly in school on Friday for a grand total of two hours.

P5C- As a whole class we played a matching game with the monster body parts flash cards. They were in teams according to their tables and it got very competative!


P3A- I still can´t seem to get over how tiny the kids in p3 are. This week we attempted to make clay heads and it went far better than me and Maria expected. They used pipe cleaner for the hair and i think the final result is extremely cute.

I then went home as year 6 were doing exams and popped to the shops on the way home to pick up a few bits. I then had my  online TEFL exam, which i am happy to say i passed!

Friday night dinners in front of the telly are my favourite and we had a yummy spread of homemade tuna pizza and chicken skewers.


My Saturday and Sunday lie-ins save my life.

I emerged from room at about half 10, made myself some soya porridge topped with banana and cinnamon and ate it in bed.

After lunch me, Arian and Natalia caught the 22 bus to Placa catalyuna. The others had gone to watch Barca so we took the opportunity to get some much needed retail therapy. Our first stop was Fnac so Natalia could choose a new phone, we then went to my favourite shop in the whole world- The Body Shop and I picked up a new serum to add to my collection.

Arian treated herself to a new belt as the one she was wearing was on its last legs and then we popped to El cort Ingles as I needed to pick up another Clinique facial sun cream.

Before we got the bus back we went to the supermarket section located on the lower level and bought all the ingredients for Sunday.

When we arrived home there was a mountain of McDonalds waiting for us. As the microwave has broken, Esteve had to use imagination when it came to keeping it warm.


The first film we attempted to watch was Suicide Squad, but it was weird and violent so we abandoned it favour of King Kong. I only managed to stay awake for the first 20 minutes and as my beauty sleep was calling, I called it a night.


Sunday was Mother’s day in Spain, so both the kids grandmas came round for lunch.

Lunch cooked by me.

The English way!

It was mu first time making a proper roast dinner, with roasties and everything. I’ve also never carved a chicken in my life.

It went down really well, everyone seemed to really enjoy it and it was worth the funny looks at customs over the gravy granules!!

So, what’s in store for the rest of May?

Well, for a start my parents are coming on Wednesday and then I have an exciting trip to Madrid planned the weekend after.

Its mad to think that I only have 6 more Mondays and 6 more blog posts left after this one.

My attitude this week has wavered slightly and I’ve found myself looking at my diary more than ever. Its strange because I always thought that this chunk would be the easiest. It is the last chunk after all.

But its not as simple as that.

Now the end is in sight I can allow myself to start making preparations for when I come home, I’ve made a few appointments and have started organising things/jobs for when I return. Hopefully I will manage to find some work experience and I will also be returning to my old job at Amadeus over the summer.

I move in with Joe in September after we come back from Jamaica and we start out final year at Aston together in October. This time next year I will be graduating which is exciting but terrifying at the same time and then important decisions will have to be made. Ahh.

Since February last year, all I’ve been thinking about is Spain, and for the past 8 months, my entire life HAS been Spain.

But for the first time in what feels like forever, I am starting to allow myself to imagine a life beyond Spain and boy am I excited.

Hasta Pronto,








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