Learning about Space, playing with salt dough and another weekend in the mountains!

Monday 24th- Sunday 31st April 2017


In year one we have started a new project revolving around space. The book that accompanies the activity book is really nice and the kids seem to have taken a real interest.

I had all three year once classes on Monday as my timetable has changed and I now have 1B last period instead of 2C.

I love year one, and its a good job as I had to sit through the same lesson three times!!

The activity above required the kids to write about where they would go if they were an astronaut, and where they wouldn’t go. They then had to cut it out and stick it on a giant astronaut picture before colouring it in.

The second part of the lesson involved the planets. Maria Jose had lamented pictures of them all so we stuck them on the board and played a few games.

monday- planets BB 2

In  p5A they had to draw spring.

Is a snail a ‘spring-y’ animal?

Well in my head it is….so I drew it on my picture and everyone then proceded to do the same.

I wrote by blog in my free, just like I have done every week for the past 8 months and then in p5 we had a sticker party.

I thought I had escaped the Easter-themed activities, but apparently not.

After sticking copies of the Easter poems into their English notebooks they were allowed to run wild with the stickers and felt tips, decorating a giant Easter egg.


On Tuesday I tackled my assignment head on by printing out what I had done so far and going wild with the highlighters. I find it easier to see mistakes if I have a physical copy in front of me.

In P5B I had a blast from the past singing the Hokey Pokey song. We pushed all the tables to the side and created a sort of dance floor and found a cheesy YouTube video to play.

The only way kids learn the songs is to play them over and over and over again, so by the end of the lesson I never wanted to hear the dam song again.

In year 3 I was put to the test and asked to take Jenny’s class as she was at a meeting. I improvised as the photocopier was out of action and got the kids to copy the picture from the blackboard instead.

They had to draw a picture of a living room, and then play a game focusing on prepositions e.g. I have drawn a television in front of the sofa.

It went well and I was super proud of myself as there is no way I would have had the confidence to do that 6 months ago.

2A- Arts and Crafts.

I used to hate arts and crafts because although the class is delivered in English, there isn’t  a fat lot to do.

But since then I have discovered my inner artist and now I use the time to create masterpieces and wow the kids. It also gets the kids talking to me and asking questions about what I’m doing. Win win.

This week origami has made a reappearance.


Just like in year 4 before Easter, we made little boats and then giant boats. Easy, simple and enjoyable.

I feel like quite an expert now, so much so that i’ve offered to take the class next week and teach them all how to make the frog.

p5C last lesson was hijacked by the year 4’s and a bucket full of salt dough. The year 4 students were given the role of teacher and we spent the hour making various shapes. It was however,  a challenge to prevent the kids from snacking on the salty substance but I let them get away with licking their fingers and the table ;).

Dinner on Tuesday night was Gnocci, something i’ve never really been a fan of. But just like many other foods I’ve eaten here, I have become quite partial to it.


In 1A we played a memory game with the planets, in year 6 they started a new drama-based project involving fairytales and in p5 we decorated more Easter eggs.

Then, I agreed to something that I instantly regretted.

P5B’s usual p.e teacher was absent so poor Fernando (the substitute teacher) was left to manage the little rascals. I spend a fair few hours with the class a week and although they are wild animals, I have a soft spot for them. So, naturally I offered to help him as I had a free anyway.

The fact that it had been raining all day didn’t help us get off to a good start. They had been caged as a result of the bad weather so were already hyperactive. We walked them down to the Judo area and got soaked in the process. Some kids got wetter than others as the boys decided it would be fun to stick their entire heads into puddles. Oh lord…

After removing shoes and socks, we played a variation of tag that got them running around in teams trying to tackle each other. Who’s bright idea was that?!

Tears, tantrums and countless injuries later, we called it a day. Put it this way- I wont be offering my assistance again in a hurry.

The last two lessons of the day was year 3, by this point my energy had evaporated and I was in such a bad mood. I just felt so fed up and spending two hours listening to small groups repeat the same passage of text 68 times was not improving matters.

I cheered myself up on the way home by treating myself to some new pastel highlighters and a tub of peanut butter. Yes you read that right. I managed to hunt down some PB. Amen. Dinner was also super yummy as we had the courgette soup that looks like snot but tastes delicious!


I had a lovely lie-in on Thursday and didn’t need to be in school until 2.45. I went in at 1 though to have lunch and chill in the staffroom before arts and crafts all afternoon.

Thursday afternoons are my favourite as I have Irma, the art teacher, who is super lovely.

Salt dough was once again on the menu and I had a go at making a few of my own shapes.

thursday- salt dough

The last lesson of the day was a chilled one as Irma was introducing the new topic and had prepared a PowerPoint presentation. Over the next few weeks we are going to be doing activities based around the prehistoric era, starting with cave drawings.


On Friday I painted with the tiny P3’s and it was crazy. I don’t think any of these kids are naturally gifted with a paintbrush, but they enjoyed themselves and that’s all that matters.


In year 6 they were showing their recipe videos and had brought in samples for all the teachers to try.


They had produced some interesting-looking things including oreo cheesecake, truffles, mud cake, brownie, tiramisu and fried banana stuffed with nutella.

Some of the teachers were brave enough, but I wasn’t. The fact that I don’t eat dairy saved my bacon and gave me a legit excuse.

Year 2 were still on an excursion so I grabbed my bag and go the hell outta there.

It was Esteve Juniors birthday so when I arrived home I helped Arian decorate the living room. The shopping was delivered and I have never seen so many cans of fizzy pop.

The buffet was delicious, my favourite was by far the tuna and tomato bake that Arian had made. The boys were engrossed by Fifa for most of the evening but managed to tear themselves away to watch Esteve open his presents. His birthday cake was actually a apple and berry tart which is his favourite and all the kids gathered around to blow the candles out together.


After showering and washing my hair, I treated myself to porridge for breakfast. I brought a stash home with me but never have the time to prepare it on a weekday.

I packed my suitcase and we left for the mountain just after lunch. Arian, Natali and Fiona had already left and me and the boys were to follow in a separate car as altogether we were 8.

When we arrived we realised that we didn’t have a key so were locked out for the best part of an hour. But I came well prepared with a few episodes of 13 reasons why downloaded onto my laptop, so I sat watching that whilst munching on some rice cakes.

Before long Arian and the girls arrived and we were let in. I unpacked and then we all sat down to play a board game called Rummikub. I was introduced to this game on the last trip to Sant Boi and I must say, I think i’ve got the hang of it. Fiona is AMAZING at it and ‘I’ve learned most of my tricks from her.

saturday- game

For dinner everyone expect me and Natalia went to the town hall where they were showing the Barca match. I had popped to the shop and picked up a few bits and bobs so whipped us up a quick dinner of tomato rice.


The weather wasn’t great but the breakfast certainly was! The croissants were lush and as big as my head.

I worked on my assignment solidly all morning and managed to write over 1000 words. It is almost finished now, and only needs a bit of tweaking so overall I was super happy with my productive morning!

We went to a local restaurant for lunch and then after I stayed behind to take advantage of the wifi and call Joe.

Look at his little face!

Sorry Joe, i’ll stop embarrassing you now.

For the rest of the day we stayed at home, lit the fire and I had a Netflix marathon. We had a few more games of Rummikub and then had chicken pasta soup for dinner at around 9pm.

Overall it was another great weekend. The mountain getaways are growing on me as they are always super chilled and relaxing. Apart from the travel sickness on the way back due to the windy roads, I had a smashing time!

Only one more week until my Mom and Joel come and visit me again… I’m waiting for you!

Hasta Pronto




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