Trying snails, getting pooed on by a pigeon and celebrating Sant Jordi’s day!

Tuesday 18th- Sunday 23rd April 2017

As first weeks back go, this one has not been too shabby.

I once again feel right at home, and I’ve really enjoyed this week at school.

After a visit from my grandparents and productive week in terms of Uni work, my life is back on track.


The 4 day week began with my usual free period first lesson. So naturally I used the time to write all about my Easter adventures which I know you nosy people were eagerly awaiting.

In p5 we baked an Easter cake (better late than never I suppose….) but we encountered a slight complication.

After spending the entire lesson making the cake batter, we were informed by the kitchen that the yoghurts we had used had gone sour due to the fact that over the school holidays the fridges had been off. I guess it explains the putrid smell.

Undeterred, a group of teachers hit the local supermarket with the school’s debit card and rescued the day by wiping the shelves of sponge cakes.

The students were none the wiser and everything turned out fine in the end.

The Sant Jordi day preparation began after lunch in arts and crafts with 2nd grade.

As usual I impressed the kids with my magnificent skills and had a go at drawing  a dragon too.

Tuesday- dragon drawing

Last lesson we got to give the kids cake, an experience which resembled feeding-time at the zoo.

The pre-cut shop-bought cake was demolished in half an hour with most of the kids consuming at least half their body weight in Nutella icing. I then made a hasty getaway before the sugar kicked in.

My step-dads parents were in Barcelona for a few days so they met me outside the school gates and I gave them an exclusive tour of the grounds. They were impressed I think, particularly with the football field, that overlooks the entire city. I then took them back to the house so I could drop off my laptop and grab my coat. After a quick loo-break we headed to the neighbourhood of Gracia and had an early dinner.

The restaurant was small and basic but the food was exceptional. We had tapas to start and the Pan con tomate (tomato and oil topped ciabatta) was divine. We also had some ham croquettes and Spanish omelette which was also some of the best i’ve eaten. After all that, we struggled to eat the fish Paella and I left with a doggy bag.

tuesday- tea

Afterwards we drank wine (well in my case- green tea) and chatted loads about their adventures in Barcelona. It was a lovely evening and it really helped me to feel settled once again and company from back home was very much appreciated, thank you for coming guys!

My Fitbit told me that I had walked 14,000 steps and burned 2,200 calories which is amazing… it also explains why I’m so tired all the time as I walk at least 10,000 steps everyday! I got the Alta and I love it, money well spent.


In year one we have started a new story/workbook based around space. Me and Maria read the story and then the kids had to cut out a mini picture of their face and stick it inside a bottle top which then resembled a space helmet. One by one they had to come up to the board and stick their bottle top onto the rocket and say ‘to infinity and beyond’! Cute.

Jenny was off sick so I took over the 6th grade oral English class, helping them finish off their recipes and edit their videos.

The whole of year two were painting caps third lesson and to stop the paint getting on their heads they were using carrier bags. I still don’t have a clue what the caps are for.

In year one we did another Sant Jordi themed picture, this time colouring and cutting the four pictures and creating a landscape to stick them to.  I made it look as though my dragon was working on his tan and the rose was having a paddle.

wednesday- sant jordi drawing

The picture now hangs proudly in the classroom. I should have signed it really.

In the afternoon we abandoned English and made roses with paper instead. We used strips of red card folded over to give the flower a 3D effect, and of course the Catalan flag was included.


Thursday was a very productive day.

Thursdays- presentations 3

I spent most of it tucked away in the secondary staff room working on my assignment as its due at the end of May so I need to get a move on.

Year two did their recipe presentations, they had chef hats (made by me and Rosa) and had each brought in an Apron. In groups they stood in front of the class and went through their recipes step-by-step. The level of English was very impressive as its a tricky topic due to all the subject-specific verbs e.g. spread, bake, peel etc.

After lunch I ruined all my nails making clay pots with year 4.

Then in year 5 I was blown away by the standard of their projects for the competition. The basic idea is that they have to design and make a drawing or sculpture based around one of their teachers. The teacher can be a school teacher but it could be anyone who has helped/guided/inspired them.

On Thursday night I finally got round to booking my trip to Madrid!

One of my best friends is doing her teaching placement there so I am going to spend a weekend there in the middle of May, exciting! My other friend is travelling from England is going to meet us there and its going to be such a laugh. They came to Barcelona back in March and we had the best weekend so I am looking forward to seeing them again. I’ve also never been to Madrid so it will be a nice little holiday. We have an apartment booked in the city centre and I will fly out Friday and come back early Monday morning- just in time for work!


On Friday we did the monster story with the P5’s.

It involves a monster that is hiding somewhere in the house and keeps knocking.

The follow-up task required them to draw their own monster and hide in the picture.

The tiny P3’s then had a Sant Jordi poem and a dragon to colour.

friday- p3

The classes after break were abandoned due to the book sale that was going on around the school. Its a tradition for men to receive a book on Sant Jordi’s day while women are given a rose).

So I went home and did my project for a solid 5/6 hours until dinner, by which point my brain was completely frazzled.

We had a delicious dinner whilst watching the Spanish version of The Voice and I played ‘words with friends’ with my Mom and Joe.



I emerged from my bedroom at 11.30 am but I swear i’d been awake since 10….

With a broken shower it was a bit chaotic but we all managed to be ready and out the door at 1.

We were off to Gerona for a big family lunch celebrating Arians Mother’s birthday! It took about an hour to get there and the restaurant was located just off a motorway which was very odd. Nevertheless we had a delicious meal and the large table meant that everyone could see/talk to everyone. I had such a lovely time. Everyone made a real effort to include me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt lucky to have been invited.

I even got to try snails, although I wouldn’t recommend them.

At. All.

We left at about 6 ish and after dropping Esteve off at his friends house, me Arian and Natalia did a spot of shopping. We went to Bownie and Sephora, coming away with a fair few items between us.

I treated myself to the Nars creamy concealer, some InvisiBobbles, nose strips and make-up brush cleaner. Arian also kindly bought me a sheet face mask which I am exacted to try.

Then, once we were done, Arian called Esteve senior and he promptly arrived to chauffer us home. The royal treatment or what 😉


Sant Jordi’s day!!

The six of us and Esteves Mum headed into the city centre to have a mooch around all the stalls that were selling roses and books. It was a beautiful sunny day and the streets were packed with people carrying roses and holding hands.

Esteve had given each of us girls a rose which was so nice.

After everyone had returned from the football, we got the metro to Passig de Gracia and had a wonder round. But as it was the middle of the day, it was sooooo busy.

We decided to stop and have lunch and wait for the crowds to disperse. The restaurant’s speciality was pasta and you could create your own combination by picking your favourite pasta and sauce. I got a meal deal which included a bowl of salad and ravioli with Bolognese sauce. So yummy!

sunday- lunch

We then tried again. This time we could actually get to the stalls and admire all the beautiful books and fresh roses for sale.


What a great weekend! The only downside was being pooed on by a pigeon while we were out and about on Sunday. But as its good luck and Barcelona subsequently beat Madrid in the football, ill just forget about it.

The weather is gradually improving but the temperature is set to drop again on Wednesday. I am forcing summer to come by wearing my sandals regardless of the weather.

In two weeks my Mom and Joel are coming to visit me again and then the week after that i’m off to Madrid. Time is running out and I still have so many things left to do! We still have the Tibidabo amusement park to visit, as well as the discount shopping outlet and id love to go to Gerona at some point too! Not to mention the beach 😀

Hasta pronto,




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