Going home for Easter!

Monday 3rd- Monday 17th April 2017
I know I say this a lot, but seriously, how fast does time go?! It feels like 5 minutes since I was sat in the teachers room in January looking at my diary and thinking how am I going to do this.

I am now sat in the exact same seat, staring at my diary once again but this time the task doesn’t appear as daunting.

The final countdown begins.

I have 10 more weeks in Barcelona, 10 more weeks living with the family and 10 more weeks in this job.

But first, lets talk about last week. So grab a cup of tea and get ready to see a lot of photos and a lot of food.


The 7th of April was a day a I had been looking forward to for a very long time. Having not being home since the Christmas holidays, it was safe to say I was very excited to pack my suitcase and get on yet another Birmingham-bound aeroplane.

I had checked in on the Thursday and printed out my boarding pass, but I had actually packed my suitcase nearly two weeks before. Partly out of excitement/impatience but partly because I was sorting out my wardrobe and was taking most  of my winter clothes back to England. I arrived with 40KG worth of luggage and have booked the same on my return flight in June but I  have accumulated a fair few things whilst living here (I don’t know how…..) so thought it was best to take back the clothes I don’t need now the weather is picking up.

I didn’t end up going to school on Friday as my fight was at 13.45 and the kids were only watching films anyway. I was awake early and passed the time by watching Downton Abby until it was time to go to the airport.

I took an alternative route this time and caught the AeroBus from the city centre. It was much faster than the metro and for just five euros you are at the terminal in less than thirty minutes. I had already pre-booked and printed my ticket which meant the whole thing was quick and stress-free. I even had time for a cheeky seflie.

Last day selfie

I arrived in plenty of time and before long I was in my seat with home fast approaching.

When I touched down Joe was just finishing work, so I grabbed a Costa and a chicken wrap and eagerly waited for him to come and get me.

Nothing like being home and stuck on the M6 in rush hour. But I was too happy to notice.

We went to his first to dump my stuff and shower before we went to Mom and Joel’s house for a Chinese. I also got to see my sister Georgia and Grandad who were there for dinner too. I had a lovely evening but it was cut short by a bout of stomach cramps presumably brought on by the rich greasy food that I am not used to.

Joe’s Mum had left two mugs out, my package and a lovely note which was nice to come home to.

welcome note and coffee


On Saturday we went out for a carvery with my Nan and Grandad and oh boy was it delicious. We picked them up and Joe treated us all which was kind, then afterwards we went back to nans to have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine in the garden.

I also picked up my new FitBit which I had ordered to Nans, so I spent the afternoon setting it up.


We also popped to Walsall on Saturday and hit Tesco to stock up on all my favourite foods and buy Easter eggs. Joe also needed some emergency protein powder so we went to Holland and Barret and I persuaded him to let me have a peek in New Look.

We got some stir fry stuff for dinner and ate it in bed whilst watching the film sausage party. We turned it off after 20 minutes as its the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

I fell asleep faster than I ever have before (I always sleep like a log at home) and had a solid 8 hours and 47 minutes according to my Fitbit.


Breakfast was so yummy and I’ve now got Joe onto special K!

sunday brekkie

We sorted out our student finance applications and popped to Bentley Bridge where we had a cheeky Costa.

For dinner we went to Moms as she was home alone and we had a weird combination of Tuscan Bean soup, tiger bread and pepperoni pizza.


So, for Valentines day (which feels like an decade ago), Joe bought us an Afternoon Tea experience. So on Monday we finally got to enjoy it.

Joe had chosen a venue in Burton and I offered a drive, a decision I quickly regretted.

There had been a lorry fire on the A38 which resulted in us being sat in the car for nearly two hours…. I was not amused.

But it was worth it in the end as the afternoon tea, and the company, was amazing.


On the way home we went to Lichfield and spent the afternoon at Dads. I spent sometime with Lucy and Isobelle and Joe even got his toes painted.

He’s a good sport.

joe and izzy feet

We had  a cracking Indian for dinner, one of the foods I miss the most.


On Tuesday me, Joe, Lesley and Syliva (Joe’s Mum and Nan), piled into the car and headed for Birmingham. We had arranged to see our new flat that we will be living in for the last year of Uni starting in September however we were left a bit disappointed. It was a lot smaller than we expected, but long story short we have upgraded to a bigger one. YAY.


Mom had given me and Joe some free passes to use her gym so on Wednesday we did just that. I had a dabble on the cross trainer and Joe helped me bench a bit and then I went for a swim and a steam.

As the carvery on Saturday was so good, we decided to go again, and after swimming it went down an absolute treat. We even had pudding, which was definitely eyes bigger than.

We then went to Nans, had dinner there and played with Izzy all evening. We had cottage pie followed by yet more cake (thanks Nan!) and I taught izzy how to make a paper frog.


We spent the morning in Birmingham sorting out our flat and then I spent some time with Mom while Joe popped to the gym. We went to Matalan and I bough some mugs with J and C on and a pair of Pjs with cats on! Mom was peckish so she went to McDonalds and treated herself to a happy meal.

Just like we used to do every week before I left, we had dinner at Joe’s Nans and stayed the night.


We went bowing with Joe’s dad, Anna and little brother Trey. I was terrible (surprise surprise) but we had a laugh and then went for a meal at a nearby pub.

We then went home and chilled, I washed my hair, put on my new pjs and snuggled up to watch a film. Then because we’re fatty’s, we ordered an Indian and ate that in bed too. Yolo.

indian in bed


Apart from going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Cinema, Saturday was relatively chilled. The film was SO good and the only negative was Joe eating all the good sweets out of the Pick ‘n’ Mix.


Easter Sunday!

We spent the day at Joe’s Nans with all the family.

She had cooked a beautiful roast dinner and Laura had made a chocolate cake. We had more Easter Eggs than Tesco in the kitchen and then Joe persuaded me to download the ‘words with friends’ game which we sat playing for ages. I went to say  a quick goodbye to Mom and Joel before they headed out for dinner and then we went home made a start on packing up my things.


The familiar feeling of wanting to stop time and go backwards hit me.

I absolutely hate leaving.

I absolutely hate saying goodbye.

I kept myself busy packing and tidying up so my thoughts wouldn’t wander to my looming departure.

Before long it was time to take my car back to Nans and say goodbye to them before making the journey to Birmingham airport for the last time.

We had allowed more time so we could have a meal in Frankie and Bennies together. Usually we just have a hot drink but we thought we’d push the boat out.

We had about an hour left together and the time just melted away.

An hour before my flight was due to take off Joe walked me to the security gates and I let go of his hand and walked away, saying to myself ‘its the last time, its the last time’. I didn’t cry once I left him, a massive improvement on Christmas and a sign of how much stronger I have become.

joes new screensaver

Joe took a picture of me just before I left and made it his screensaver and I know it wont be long before he’ll be able to take a new one.

I landed just after 7pm and found Esteve and Arian waiting for me. We had lots of tales to tell in the car journey home and we had an emotional moment opening my Nan’s thank you card, to them, together.


How am I feeling?

A lot better than I expected to be honest.

I was nervous about going back home because of the effect leaving had on me last time. I have never felt so lost and hopeless in my life and i was terrified of feeling like that again.

This past week has been so perfect and i refuse to let my feelings about returning to Spain ruin it. I don’t want to be sad and i don’t want to feel all unsettled. So I’m not letting myself.

I am just going to be grateful of the wonderful memories i have made, because at the end of the day, nothing can take those away from me.

But there are only 10 weeks left. So lets enjoy them.

I can do this.

Hasta pronto,




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